Read the following informations and then

fill out the application form "Kontakt" indicating your Club, the category (girls or young ladies) and the name of the responsable person.


Thank you!

Here are the informations:

We are going to start the edition XII.  of the Berlin Movienale in 2022 and we are looking forward to welcoming many participants between 12 and 14 ( "girls") or 15 and 18 ("young ladies")  years.

 So we prepare a great and inspiring event, of course with YOU!
Here are the first informations for 2021:
Advices for your movie:
> there will be two age groups (12-14 years "girls"  and 15-18 years "young ladies")
> short movies of max. 5-6 minutes are going to be rated
> the movies have to have english subtitles
> do use GEMA-free-music!
> do not use professional help!
> the movie has to come with a poster (DIN A 4) and has to be subtitled in english movies will be accepted until 10th of june  (the deadline is a serious one; films coming after the 31th of may 2019, cannot be counted)
> we would like to take 30 € per movie as a participation fee (this means every group –  it doesn’t matter if they are present in Berlin and join with us the days or not)


Notes to accommodation:
  expected:  15,00 Euros/night/person and selfcatering  (the dinner from saturday and sunday is included)

Please, ask for getting our FAQ and our registration form:

Theme of Movienale 2022



We are waiting for you!

Just have a good idea, write a good storyboard and make a good film!!!


Participating is the most important... :)

Caspar-Theyß-Str. 12/ 14193 Berlin / / 030/50565999